Trekking Trip Guide Ė 5 Essentials You Shouldnít Forget!

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Posted on: 12/07/18

So, what is your plan for this vacation? Still confused? Why donít you explore those beautiful mountains! Yes, it can be your fun experience. Just think, watching that beautiful scenery in movies can give you Goosebumps then how amazing it could be to experience life at the fullest. Wait! Before booking travel tickets, you must have to pack your bags with few essentials; from camouflage jacket or camouflage pants to munching items, youíll need everything that can change the game!

If you think, packing bags for trekking is a single-day task then youíre wrong. Because, it takes days & days to settle up things & mindset of travellers whether itís a matter of clothing or food packets and emergency kit to smart gadgets, and you canít miss even a single thing while exploring mountains. So, if youíve just planned to experience the unexperienced then hold a pen & diary to note down below essentials just in a way to smoothen your journey!

Camouflage Jacket

  • Carry a water bottles

There is no doubt or I think, I should not include it in essential (as you know the importance of water though!), right? But, there can be the possibility of water shortage and life without water is just like a bird without wings (not at all possible) so without being formal or sophisticated, keep sufficient water bottles, if you travel through any travel agency then assure whether they have order water bottles in bulk or not. And, always keep sipping water to keep yourself hydrated. If you donít have a quality water bottle then go online and buy one!

  • Donít forget munching items

Trekking is an adventure spot where youíll require some energy source with every step towards your goal whether itís about motivational speeches to some energy bars. Trust me, my experience of trekking says you lose energy much faster than you anticipate. Thus, munching chocolates, dry fruits or energy bars every now and then can keep your energy level optimum.

  • Organize your handbag

Donít tell me, youíre going to carry all your bags together. You should organize a handbag with essentials and which is lighter in weight so you can hike up easily. Buy a quality and big-space bags so you canít get into the shameful situation. Always stay smart with a backup plan.

  • Invest in trekking shoes or boots

It is my personal experience that if you aim to reach at the top of the mountain with cheap quality shoes then it can be your disappointing decision. Why do you want to trap in this kinda situation? Invest in good quality shoes which can fuel you up to catch the goal.

  • Trek trousers or pants

Your hiking experience become easy if you have a camouflage jacketcamouflage pants or trousers which can give you style, comfort and youíll feel free to complete your day-to-day trekking target with ease.


It is not ending actually, there are many more things that you should carry up with you. Donít forget hiking pole which is no less than a companion to any trekker. If you have a smartwatch or smart band then it would be great to come up with it as itíll help you in so many ways. Now, are you ready with a camouflage jacketcamouflage pants, water bottles, snacks, munching items and most importantly pocket full of passion & dream? Happy Hiking!

Source: Beginnerís Hiking Checklist Before Packing Bags


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